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Anniversary Invitations

On September 19th, the Japanese celebrated a national day called, Respect for the Aged. It’s a day when the Japanese honor their elders. According to, ‘Neighborhoods will have volunteers distribute free “obento” boxed lunches to elderly people in the neighborhood and smaller villages will hold keirokai shows where the younger people and school children prepare dances and songs for a special keirokai ceremony. The elderly attendees are also treated to lunch, tea, and sweets after the performance1.’ Oh, if we only went to this extent in America! In belated honor of Respect for the Aged Day, we’d like to honor our elders with a few of these 50th Anniversary Invitations!

For any couple that makes it past the first seven years, yay! That’s no small feat. But to stick it out with the same person for 50 years seems almost impossible. In fact, I’m shaking my single head. So why don’t we show some respect for our parents or grands; who made it past that milestone by hosting a 50th shindig? Well, here’s a few high-quality 50th Anniversary invites to help you get started. This colorful BLOSSOMY WATERCOLOR INVITATION displays a vivid picture of the beautiful couple. Feel free to change the caption above and below the photo. Order yours...

'Celebrate lasting love with an invitation that lets everyone know "We Still Do." Perfect for anniversary parties, recommitment ceremonies and vow renewals, your event details appear on the front of the card, with additional lines of personalization available on the back.' Order yours.

If you need a little help deciding which anniversary invitation works best,

give up a call at 214-381-6367.


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