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Church Anniversary Formal Invites

Church anniversaries are important. With the different committees and guest churches, it’s always of utmost importance to make the event grand; especially since you want to show your Pastor and First Lady how much you appreciate their service and the time they spend towards your spiritual growth.

One way to make the event grand is to purchase our embossed Anniversary Invitations with translucent overlays, tasteful appliqués and unique type formats. Sending a formal invitation to the guest churches, as opposed to a traditional letter, is a great way to add class and elegance to the event. It may also sets a level of expectation for how the guest churches will show their financial appreciation for your Pastor and First Lady.

Because most orders require a minimum of 25 invites, why not send the remaining invitations to your Pastors special friends and out of town guests? And because we, at Invitation Warehouse, support our church community, take advantage of our 30% discount at the time of your purchase on selected invitations*.

Make this year’s church and/or Pastor’s Anniversary a grand affair!

Please note: When you visit our site, click ANNIVERSARY INVITATIONS. Once you’ve made your selection, be advised that you can word them any way you choose. You may want to take a look at our WEDDING INVITATIONS as there is a wider selection; remembering the aforementioned.

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