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Feel the Love

I know what you’re thinking. What is she going to come up this week? Great question and I’m glad you asked. Because when you’re charged with writing a weekly blog about wedding invitations, you have to be unusually creative and think of topics that you’ve never discussed. You have to stretch your imagination. Sometimes, you have to surf the web for tidbits of inspiration. And this is what I want to encourage you to do; you beautiful bride-to-be. Stretch yourself and think of unusually creative ways that you can incorporate you and future hubby’s personality in on your big day.

You see it’s not all about what ‘looks’ good; your special day should ‘feel’ good too. And the feeling you should be going for is ‘love’. Your guests should walk away ‘feeling’ the love you and the Mr. share. The one sure way to ensure that they do is to sit, be still, and be quiet for the sole purpose of identifying parts of your personality that you want to infuse into your ceremony. With that in mind, what parts of your future hubby do you want displayed throughout the venue? No, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the obvious such as pics, but think about colors, textures, furniture, or even props; each serving as a tangible representation of parts of y'all that you want your guests to experience. So where can you start?

Invitations of course! Because remember: Everything starts with a word and the wording of your invitation can be a good starting point, and ordinarily, this would be the part of the blog where I provide you with pictures of invitations to get your creative juices flowing. But instead, I want to challenge you to view our extensive collection WITHOUT my help. Your eagerness and willingness to travel beyond the blog will help you get some much-needed inspiration and ideas needed to start seriously thinking of ways to infuse your love for one another throughout the venue. If you need help, comment below or give us a call at 214-381-6367 and one of our Invitation Consultants will be more than happy to walk you through it.

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