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Good Old Fashioned Invites

In a world that’s all high tech, isn’t it good to know that good ole fashioned etiquette is still alive and well.

Remember the days when people actually took the time to pick out a graduation, anniversary or a birthday card. Now that act of kindness has been replaced with an e-Card, text, or a shout-out post.

You may not be old enough to remember, but what about when you had to actually call a company to speak with a representative about placing an order? Even that's been replaced with online shopping.

Oh, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed and that's Invitation Warehouse. Here we believe in good old fashioned calligraphy font and embossed invitations. The kind where you have to actually lick the envelope and literally purchase a stamp...from one of the oldest institutions in America today – the post office.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about quality invitations. The ones where you take the time and actually think about the color selection, whether it should be a formal or informal invite, and if it needs a ribbon or a pocket simply because you want to give your guests a taste of what’s in store at that gorgeous wedding of yours.

In a world that’s gone high tech and DIY, isn’t it good to know that Invitation Warehouse is still the same and that you can be still be the same ole thoughtful and considerate you; by actually purchasing your invitations with us for your next bridal or baby shower, wedding, anniversary, graduation or your next event; all while continuing to enjoy the simplicities of life!

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