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Meet the Townsends!

Congratulations are in order for the Townsends!

The ever-so-stylish, Political Strategist, MSNBC host, and Former Senior Advisor to then former Vice President Biden, Symone Sanders, and Shawn Townsend, were hitched Friday, July 15th in a surprise wedding. Guests were under the impression they were attending an engagement party but were surprised to find out that Ms. Sanders would become Mrs. Townsend in a matter of minutes and judging from the pics, it was GORGEOUS!

Both the bride and groom were stunning and gloriously happy, to which we are so happy that the two found love in the world of politics.

But what about you? How would you pull off a surprise wedding? Well, if you could pretend you were having a BRIDAL SHOWER and send this simple vintage invite.

Or you could pretend you were holding a rehearsal dinner.

Nothing ensures a crowd like food. That way, when your guests arrive, ON A HUNGRY STOMACH, because you sent this simple REHEARSAL DINNER invite, be prepared for happiness and hangriness because though they'll be happy you're getting married, there will be hangriness as they'll probably arrive to the venue hungry and may become angry because of your deception so be prepared to feed your happy, hangry guests!

Before you do, be sure to check out our entire WEDDING INVITATION SELECTION with FREE SHIPPING on orders $150 or more.


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