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Quinceañera Invites and Napkins

Quinceañera! Isn’t that a beautiful word? But what does it mean?

According to Wikipedia, it’s ‘one who is fifteen.’ It’s an official, formal celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday when she makes the ‘transition from childhood to young womanhood1’. And at Invitation Warehouse, we are thrilled to offer an entire collection for this special occasion.

Ordinarily for quince's, parents go rent out ballrooms, big beautiful gowns, and some will even splurge on the invites which is great because this can be used as an opportunity to instill social etiquette.

Social Etiquette and Quinceañera Invites

When a parent takes the time to visit our online invitation boutique, this gives your little princess the opportunity to select her own social stationery. That darling daughter of yours will have the opportunity to select her reception card, response card and envelopes, as well as notes and thank you cards.

Oh, and lets not forget the napkins! Did you know we carry full color coordinating napkins that matches our quinceañera invitations? Yep and here’s a great idea.

When you purchase 50 or more invitations, you’ll receive 25% off on your napkins! I know that may not seem like a big deal but think about it.

Instead of purchasing party favors, why not take advantage of the 25% discount on the full color napkins and even step your game up and upload a full colored picture of your princess! That way, everyone takes home a napking/souvenir/party favor of the big event! Consider it a paper selfie that her friends and classmates can keep for a lifetime.

A girl’s 15th birthday only happens once in a lifetime and at Invitation Warehouse, we want to help you make that day as memorable as possible. Check out our Quince Anos selection and be sure to take advantage of our huge inventory of napkins. Our Invitation Specialists are available via chat and/or by phone (214.381.6367) to help you with your order.

Until then, Feliz Cumpleaños Princesa!


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