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The Groom's Guest List

So Mr. Groom, you’ve asked your bride to marry you and of course she said yes!I mean who can resist your wit, your smile and oh that swag. I mean come on??! Now what’s next on your to-do list? Well among the hundreds of things to be done, our aim is to help you with the invitation process - so let’s get started.

Have you made your list of who you’re inviting? Let's try this again. Have you made your list of who you're inviting because you, as the groom, need to be sure to invite your bros and your buds NOW so as to ensure there will be space once Mrs. Bride steps on the scene. If not, here’s a few things you’ll want to consider –

  1. Invite those who you actually want to share that special day with. Those bro’s that knew you when you were out there hard in those dating streets; some of whom may still be on the block. Be sure to add them to your list because you're the example now sir.

  2. Invite a few from your crew of, co-workers, college roommates, road dawgs, and anyone who you’d like to see you marry the woman that was created especially for you!

Start your list and check back tomorrow because we've got a lot more to discuss. Until then, congratulations bro!

Be sure to check out our our gifts for the wedding party. From flasks to mugs to cuff links, we've got you and the bros covered!


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