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Must-Have Menus

At Invitation Warehouse, we're all for AFFORDABILITY. In fact our company tagline is HIGH END WEDDING INVITATIONS FOR BUDGET CONSCIOUS BRIDES. So, when we heard about a Taiwanese couple who spent $787 to cater their guests, we were intrigued.

According to Yahoo! News, 'a Taiwanese couple’s outdoor wedding banquet...was supplied solely with Costco food ... [and] with the help of their friends, they bought products such as bottles, jars, and metal pails to serve drinks and various foods, including croissants, hams and cakes, to create the bride’s “dream wedding banquet.” The post itself racked up more that 40,000 views with 454 comments from other brides who said they spent thousands on their catering budget.

Again, we believe in high end things on a budget and this story got us to thinking, how can we help? Welp, if you have an upcoming wedding and want to do it on a dime, we can simplify your wedding with these high end menus.

This classic menu is one-sided but what makes this menu special is that it's thermographed. Prices start at $81 for 25. Click link to order yours now.

This elegant menu card features a deckle edge and will add high-end style to your table settings at the reception, while also complementing many of our stylish wedding invitations. Prices start at $79. Click link to place your order.



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